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85 Tallwood Avenue, Mollymook Beach 2539

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In 1999 I had the chance to travel to Malaysia and work In Kuala Lumpur.

I was a young foreign kid with a pale kitchen tan; so it didn’t take long for my friend and colleague Dave to take the opportunity to nickname me Gwai lo - white ghost.

Dave and I ate our way around the countryside, experiencing flavours that I have never forgotten. I  became a proud foreigner in many countries and experienced some amazing food, friendship and hospitality.

Now, many years later, this life experience has influenced my new venture.

At Gwylo, I’ll share my favourite Asian street eats, play some classic tunes, serve up delicious cocktails and house brews. You can sit at the bar, watch the woks fire  and charcoal smoke or get comfy in a booth with friends and share a flavour-packed tasting menu.

Fun, fresh and moody. You will be calling the babysitter + saying, “We’re going to be home late - staying for just one more”

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Jun 2024

Cooking Up Kindness
12:00 PM - 03:00 PM
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85 Tallwood Avenue, Mollymook Beach 2539

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