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Let’s go back 20 years or so with a story about a young enthusiastic apprentice chef who was also an avid body boarder known as Dangerous Damo!

Damo after completing his training then went on and travel the world honing both of these skills whilst working in some of the best kitchens in London, France and Margaret River.

His story continues to inspire, when upon returning to the Shoalhaven from his travelling adventures Damo had discovered a new passion…….Brewing & Fermentation!

As a chef his food will always be exciting and exceed expectations, however Damo needs to be applauded with how he and his family have re- invented The Milton Hotel home of Dangerous Ales. The Milton Hotel is known for Damo’s cooking on the fire, flavour, food and fermentation. Award winning ales, sours and fresh pilsners, live music that has brought back a sense of community.

What is your job title and where are you based?
Head Brewer / Director of The Milton Hotel & Dangerous Ales.

Where did you go to school?
Ulladulla High

Where did you train?
TAFE Illawarra Nowra Campus.

And what was your first job in hospitality?
The Fish Shop Burrill Lake at age 12 and when I left school I started an apprenticeship at Harbourside & Shores Restaurants Ulladulla.
I then finished my training at three hat Restaurant Quay at Circular Quay under Peter Gilmore.

What is the highlight of your career?
Starting my own business, it’s by far been the most challenging but most rewarding part of my career to date. Having the freedom to make my own creative decisions is unmatched to anything I’ve done.

What drives your passion?
Wanting to know and learn more and wanting to keep getting better, no matter how good you are (or think you are) you can always improve.

Your career has led you to travel and explore the possibilities in hospitality, what brought you back home?

It’s where both my wife Alice and I grew up and we wanted to raise our family here, there’s no place like home!

What’s your advice for following a career in hospitality?

As a young person having worked in some amazing establishments both within Australia and overseas including a Michelin Star restaurant in London I combined my love of surfing, travelling and at the same time refined and developed my skills in the kitchen which shows that a career in hospitality opens up endless possibilities and opportunities.

Always be prepared to work hard in an industry with such a skill shortage and if you put in the hard work you can go anywhere.

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